Prelude: Supersymmetry (often abbreviated to SUSY) is a theory that involves every particle in the Standard Model having a so-called "superpartner", identical in every way except for its spin. Specifically, for every spin-one-half fermion (quark or lepton) there is an associated spin-one "squark" and "slepton", and for every spin-one boson (the photon, W and Z bosons, and the gluon) there exists a spin-half "bosino". There is a similar correspondence for the spin-zero Higgs boson … Continue reading SUSY


The Ocean Beyond

Prelude: The question of why conduct particle physics at the energy frontier has been coming up a bit lately. Here I offer an accessible personal opinion for one reason why, in the form of a very short story. Future posts may tackle the more practical and scientific issues at hand. The Ocean Beyond Mark C. Kruse, 25 Feb 2019 The vast ocean stretching beyond their horizon … Continue reading The Ocean Beyond